El Puntazo Estudio de Tango


School of Argentine Tango in Barcelona

El Puntazo Studio is a warm and welcoming studio in Barcelona with a retro style and an unmistakable passion for Tango.

A place full of history, which has been part of the careers of dancers from different generations and disciplines was reborn in 2017 as a Tango studio, led by Francesca Vaccari, who has been directing this artistic-cultural project from the beginning.

In El Puntazo’s Tango classes, dance is crafted with unwavering patience and unwavering dedication, blending the timeless essence of the past with the contemporary knowledge of today. Every detail makes a difference to create a genuine, authentic dance that comes from within and radiates outward.

Alongside regular classes with Francesca Vaccari, throughout our studios history we have been host to renowned teachers of Argentine Tango, such as Elina Roldán, Roxana Suárez, Diego Escobar, Karina Colmeiro, Claudio Hoffmann, Rojer Zalazar, Miriam Coppello, Cristian Correa, and Hernán Ohaco.

We are preparing many new features and surprises for the upcoming season, so be sure to check the news section to stay informed about all exciting events.

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