Welcome to El Puntazo Estudio de Tango!

Please read this guide carefully before you register for your first class…and let’s have a ball!


You don’t need to attend with a partner, although, if you join without a partner, please make sure there still is an available spot for you!


If you wish to try out a class before you register for the entire month, you can pick a daily entrance for one single class, which costs  15 euros. If you then decide to subscribe for the whole month, you will only be charged the difference.


In order to book your very first class you will have to fill out the registration form and pay 15 euros to secure your place. Either bookings and cancellations are admitted only until 2 pm of the same day of the class.

You can pay through Bizum or an ordinary bank transfer if you live in Spain. If you are a tourist, please ask for my PayPal account.


Every week you can join any class you want, with the same teacher, as long as you fit the class level and you book your place correctly, observing the cancellation policy.

If you wish to have a flexible schedule and take class either with me or my guests teacher for this trimester (Roxana and Karina), please choose a flexible  subscription (see below).

Although, I suggest you to pick one group and stick to it in order to help a better organisation of the class. If you miss one or more classes you can always recover them  within the current month, no matter what the reason of your absence is.


For the class you don’t need special cloths. Your comfort is the priority.

As far as shoes are concerned, it is highly recommended to use dancing shoes (Salsa or Ballroom shoes are fine enough). Although, if you don’t own specific shoes, I suggest you to choose leather sole shoes ( with some heel for ladies), among those you own. If you don’t have any leather sole shoes, just bring what you have just to begin. I will suggest you where to by proper shoes in the future.

Make sure you bring clean shoes. You will have to change your shoes before entering the dance floor.

Please, remember Argentine Tango is an intimate, close contact dance: if you don’t come directly from home, it is a good idea to bring some deodorant and mouthwash just in case.


According to your preferences you can pick one of the following subscription method:

  1. SINGLE CLASS: the single class has to be payed class by class. In order to secure your place you will have to pay by Bizum or bank transfer until 2 pm of the day of the class in order to secure your place. If you don’t live in Spain, please ask for my PayPal account
  2. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: you can pay your monthly subscription either cash or by Bizum or bank transfer. This subscription has to be paid at the beginning of the month and it is valid until the last day of the same month.
  3. FLEXIBLE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: with this special fee you can take 5 classes within the same month with any teacher, or the three of us, according to your schedule, which you can set up week by week
  4. TRIMESTER SUBSCRIPTION: you can pay your trimester subscription either cash or by Bizum or bank transfer. You can subscribe for a trimester any time. This subscription is valid for the current month + the 2 following natural month (For instance, if you join on the first of February, your subscription will be valid until April 30th. You can also join once the month has already started, for example, if you join on the 15 th February, you will have time to use your classes until Abril 30 th and you can distribute the amount of classes you picked – see below- freely during that period of time)
  5. FLEXIBLE TRIMESTER SUBSCRIPTION: with this special fee you can take 10 classes between 1st October and 22nd Decemberm with any teacher, or the three of us, according to your schedule, which you can set  up week by week.

Single class and Trial class

15 euros

Monthly subscription

4 classes 50 euros

5 classes 55 euros

6 classes 65 euros

8 classes 85 euros 

10 classes 105 euros 

12 classes 115 euro

Flexi month 60 euros (5 classes with any teacher) NEW

Trimester Subscription

12 clases 135 euros

15 clases 150 euros

24 clases 240 euros

Flat rate 290 euros

Flexi trimester 115 euros (10 classes with any teacher from 1st Oct to 22nd Dec) NEW



1 clase(60 ́) 60 euros

5 clases 275 euros

10 clases 500 euros

For couples

1 clase (60 ́) 70 euros

5 clases 300 euros

10 clases 550 euros

Semiprivate classes

20 euros per person

Special coaching for the wedding dance

Customized coreography + 10 private classes for the wedding dance 500 euros

Should you have further questions, doubt, or suggestion, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me! You can reach me in person before classes or by  Whatsapp / Telegram (+34 657010124),  e-mail (info@el-puntazo.com) or contact form on the website www.francesca-vaccari-tango.com.

I hope you will join us soon!


Please I want to subscribe now for my first class!