Some tips before starting…



For the classes you don’t need specific clothing, all that matters is that it is comfortable and you can move freely.

As for footwear, if you have Tango shoes, Latin dance shoes or ballroom shoes, bring them. If you don’t have them, don’t worry.

For starters you can wear shoes with leather or suede soles, ideally with some heel for women. Shoes with rubber soles are not recommended as they do not allow proper movement, however, if you only have rubber soles starting out that will not be a problem. When you do wish to purchase dance shoes I can direct you to the best available stores or show you how to find second hand shoes.

For the class please use clean shoes that you haven’t been used on the streets, or please clean them before stepping on our dance floor.

Remember that Tango is a partner dance and you will be in direct contact with your dance partner. Cleanliness and good personal hygiene are important for everyone to be able to enjoy the class. If you don’t come to class from your house, it’s not a bad idea to bring deodorant, breath mints and shoe freshener. Your partner will thank you!

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